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Belle 2005-2007

We are devastated to announce the passing of our very dear and beloved Belle. She came into our lives October 2005. We had really wanted a Gunner puppy and were thrilled when Kay said we could have a second pick puppy. Watching the puppies grow, I was always so taken with the little pink girl, but I did not want to say too much or become too attached because I thought surely she would end up being first pick, and we would get another puppy. So when we heard that we would have the option to take the pink girl…I was on cloud nine. Pink girl was my Belle!! We named her after the 1943 Racine Belles, the first World Champions of Girls Professional Baseball. She was such a cuddly sweet fun loving little girl. The first week we had her I had been working with Hailey on a refresher course of basic obedience. As we were working…I looked down and Belle was following along with “sit” and “down”. She had pretty much taught herself!!! She was so smart.

Belle was also so easy to love. Richard and Belle formed a strong bond between them. She was “his dog.” She would lay under his feet when he was in the office working, and would hang out with him in the house. They loved to go out and play fetch. Belle would try and get you to take her out for hours of playtime. She was also Star’s best friend and hunting partner. They would go out in the yard and hunt ground squirrels, birds and rabbits. Once they caught a huge bird…I had feathers all over the yard for weeks.

Belle loved little puppies. She was always so gentle with them, and loved to play with them. She would let them crawl all over her and even chew on her without a single complaint.

She was also very gentle with my son Tommy. They would get into all kinds of mischief together. They had one game where the two of them would search for our cat together. The cat would almost always be under my bed. That did not deter Belle. She would just squeeze under the bed herself after the cat until she would get stuck. The cat would be out the other side of the bed just laughing at her.

Belle was absolutely beautiful. Richard showed her. They were such a great team in the show ring. She worked so well for him. When the two of them would move around the ring, it was as if Belle was floating. She quickly earned points towards her championship. Her last show in Fort Worth, Texas she earned her second major, 4 points! She then earned a reserve win the next day. She had 11 points and 2 major wins. She also had started showing in juniors with my son Christopher. They quickly bonded and worked well together. Her last time in the ring, was in the juniors ring where Chris and Belle came in 4th place out of 7 earning Chris 3 points in juniors. The next day Kay and I took Belle and Star out to a huge field, where we started them on the road to their hunt titles. They both had the chance to hunt quail and pigeons and had such a wonderful time!! Belle was a natural. After our outing we returned to my aunt’s house in Houston, Texas. I put Belle, Rebel and Star in the backyard. I went out with the dogs and looked the yard over. It appeared very safe. My aunt has two dogs so I figured that was another indication the yard would be safe. I could also watch them out the sliding glass door. I proceeded to tell Richard about the day, when I looked over. There was a broken board on the backside of the fence, and the dogs were gone!! We ran out and looked out of the broken board in the fence. It was a large culvert. I breathed a sigh of relief until I looked left. It was a busy road!!! The dogs went in the direction of the road!! Rebel was running from us back to the road back to us, back to the road. He wanted us to follow. Richard ran to the front yard and down the street in search of our dogs. I frantically called for them as I tried and tried to get through the fence. Star came; she had blood all over her nose. She had been standing in the road trying to get Belle to wake up. Belle had been hit by a car. The car never stopped. Eventually Rebel gave up this back and forth run, and came. I called for Belle and fully expected her to come. It just would not register in my mind what had happened. Belle did not come. I put Rebel and Star in their crates and then ran down the road and around the corner towards Richard, about 1/4 of a mile. As I rounded the corner I saw Richard carrying Belle, tears streaming down his face. Thoughts kept running through my mind. Richard should not have moved her…it could make her paralyzed. We needed a stretcher to get her to the vets. I was going to pay whatever it took. As I got nearer I saw the blood. Richard laid her in the grass. I ran over and stroked her ears and face and body. We cuddled her, oblivious to the world around us. We cried and prayed. She was dead. We then picked her up and carried her back to my aunt’s house and then took her to an emergency clinic. The vet said she died instantly. We were given a plaster imprint of her foot that we will treasure forever. The clinic will have her ashes sent to us in Colorado.

Many people may say "just get over it" or "it was just a dog." Others may say "well you have other dogs." Those people do not know me or my dogs at all. Our dogs are all a part of my family. They snuggle with us on our couches, lay by the table as we eat, sleep in our beds with us, keep us company through out the day. They are our kids, family members. Belle was such a wonderful and integral part of our family. She was so full of life, always happy. We are going to miss her tremendously. Even the dogs miss her. Star has not been the same since…she misses her hunting partner and best friend. My four year old son Tommy keeps asking "where's Belle?" He does not understand. We will always have a special place in our hearts for Belle, and beautiful Belle will be in our memories forever. We all love you sooo much Belle!!!

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